My name is Frank and I have been involved in the functional health and biohacking world since 2007 both in my own life and as an undergrad studying physics at MIT. From a variety of angles, I can help you guide your brain-body-mind system toward optimal health and functioning so that you can be better at doing what you want and need to do. I take cues from clinical and academic literature, as well as my own personal experiences.

The Mind-Sculpt approach is both data-oriented and subjective based on the client’s goals, complaints and personal challenges. Everything we do in our work together is based heavily on academic, scientific and clinical literature — however, we come at the problems from a very carefully non-medical perspective. It usually does not help the healing and growing processes to medicalize personal challenges for the risk of discouraging progress.

With me as your guide, we will use all of the options at our disposal and I will help guide your progress into your next level.

For more information about my background, please visit my LinkedIn Page below:

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