MINI-Q Preparation Guide & Checklist

The mini-Q part of the intake evaluation currently takes up to 30 minutes to complete. Below is a checklist of everything to do in preparation for this part of the evaluation.


  • If possible, schedule your Mini-Q for a time of day you usually have your best mood and are most productive
  • Be sure to get good sleep the night before the Mini-Q
  • Hair products including gel, leave-in conditioners, oils or otherwise will interfere with the EEG signal. Please do not use any of these products or have wet hair upon arrival at the Mini-Q session.
  • Please limit or refrain from stimulant usage, either non-prescription (caffeine, nicotine etc) or prescription (methylphenidate etc.) until after the Mini-Q recording
  • Please limit or refrain from sedatives (alcohol, cannabis) for a full 24 hours prior until after the Mini-Q recording
  • Please do not make any drastic changes in medication dosages before arriving aside from refraining until after the mapping as described above
  • Please turn your phone off or on airplane mode during the Mini-Q recording