Physio Methods II:
Heart Rate Variability

Heart Rate Variability, or HRV, is an important part of the approach we take at Mind-Sculpt.  Depending on what is indicated in our initial evaluation, we will almost certainly use this type of training as a prelude or adjunct to EEG neurofeedback.  The HRV module Mind-Sculpt you as a client will use is included in the package price and will ship directly to your home address.  After receiving it, we will do a 1-on-1 HRV best practices hour long training session.

HRV is of the cornerstone methods that ties together a lot of the changes that occur in neurofeedback. In the Mind-Sculpt Paradigm (TM) it helps to both calm the mind-brain-body system down and give the client more control over their responses, more access to the felt-sense of their emotions, improve impulsivity and enhance the retention of changes particularly with EEG-based neurofeedback.  In fact, many neurofeedback practitioners require that clients practice HRV biofeedback on their time between sessions because of the complementary effects HRV has on EEG-neurofeedback.

With HRV training, you will be able to access more relaxed states, calming your body and mind on demand by practicing rhythmic breathing and focusing your attention.  In time, your body will readily do this as a response to a stressful situation — in fact one in which you might have responded with poor judgement in the past