Physio Methods III:
Stimulation Techniques

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation, or TDCS, is an adjunct to EEG-based neurofeedback at Mind-Sculpt.  While we do not use it alone except for in very particular cases, we use it as a method to promote or diminish synaptic plasticity in a certain region of the brain or across the entire cortex.  It has been demonstrated by an NIH, German and Italian research collaboration that TDCS can be used in this way.  Their 2015 journal article in Cerebral Cortex, “Enhancing Hebbian Learning to Control Brain Oscillatory Activity” demonstrated this interesting — and useful — phenomenon.  The takeaway from this paper was that anodal (-ve) TDCS on the right section of the motor cortex improved the subjects’ ability to desynchronize rhythms with neurofeedback training in the motor cortex in close proximity to the anodal stimulation site.  In practice, what does that mean for Mind-Sculpt clients?  It means that we are able to enhance the learning process for neurofeedback protocols especially those that reinforce desynchronization at specific sites. In some of the higher investment packages, we will be using this approach with TDCS to enhance the robustness of neurofeedback training.