Consciousness Methods I:
Lucid and Non-Lucid Dreaming

Dreaming is an important part of the life processes of most members of the animal kingdom. From nematodes, to octopuses to humans. The phenomenon of dreaming in REM or REM-like sleep periods has been well documented by the scientific literature (REM interrupt experiment on mice; learning and memory)

Have you ever heard of people recording their dreams for interpretations and insight into their psychology? The dreamscape is a place in which a lot of psychical exploration and memory consolidation or defragging takes place. Strangely enough, if you’re not particularly familiar with the dream phenomenon, you can actually become conscious or “awaken” in your dream state. Really, all of us have been able to do this at some point in our lives spontaneously but we can relearn how to do it no matter the age. When you become conscious within a dream state has a very suggestive and informative term: lucid dreaming. With this tool you can do pretty amazing things with your mental health including fear extinguishment, practicing physical, cognitive or spiritual skills, exploring the deep dark recesses of your own psyche, heal from trauma and more. You can do a great deal of this without spending a fortune and half a lifetime on a therapist’s couch talking through your feelings, and only scratching the surface of the problem. With this in mind, I decided very early on to include guidance in both utilizing lucid and non-lucid dream techniques in working with you.

The proprietary approach I have developed from my own practice and taking some cues from experts in the field, you and I will explore the contents of your psyche from fears and insecurities to faulty belief systems that have overstayed their welcome, to discovering the parts of yourself that you left behind at various junctures in your life to become whole again. A majority of your “answers” are already in you, there are just blockages are unseen at a conscious level. Additionally, by learning this methodology, you will have a skillset for problem solving, healing, self-inquiry and exploration that will serve you well in the future. I will guide you in developing this skillset and you will have a whole new set of tools to bring to bear when in the future, you decide, or are suggested to “sleep on it”.

How the proprietary framework fits into the overall scope of we will be working through together will be explained after we get to that juncture in the overall process.

Forthcoming: I am developing separate lucid dreamwork kit can be purchased including several books by other authors, a handbook of my methods and dreamwork journals for working in the framework I developed. Will be in touch about the details in time!