Welcome to Mind-Sculpt

Our goal is to provide you access to more of your potential through rationally selected neuro- and bio-feedback, electro- & light-stimulation, consciousness-based methods and nutraceutical approaches based on abundant literature and nearly a decade of personal experience.

Our approach is comprehensive and multi-faceted. Every challenge — and indeed every individual or team member — needs to be addressed with a very tailored set of approaches. For each client, we explore the tapestry and landscape of their mind, bottlenecks and challenges, and judiciously apply techniques that experience and clinical/academic work has shown to be helpful.

The bread and butter of the approach we take at Mind-Sculpt is EEG neurofeedback. However what sets us apart are the implementation of other methods and techniques that are compliment neurofeedback in a way that can lock in and really solidify personal change long term.

We do house call sessions in person at your residence (following CoVID protocols including masks and fresh gloves) for a more comfortable and convenient experience for you the client. Feel free to contact us either directly via email here or follow the form on the Contact Page with any questions.

We want you to have your Break Throughs.

We want you to win.

News & Updates

Currently we are only able to take on new clients in the Huntington Beach area. Please get in touch if you are
Nov. 24th, 2020